Basically the US forced this on the saudi at gunpoint when the

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At one point, Yao threw herself to the floor and appeared to sob during the heated confrontation. Cravens, however, was unmoved and challenged Beasley to keep the fight going by suggesting that the pair outside, TMZ Sports reports. Cravens later taunted the NBA guard on social media, claiming he got the best of Beasley during the dust up..

Funny thing: because of standing US policy with OPEC saudi oil still must be purchased directly in USD and USD only the saudi will accept nothing else in what is known as the Petrodollar system. Saudi arabia accrues extra USD and when they have too much cash they buy T bills (us government bonds). Basically the US forced this on the saudi at gunpoint when the country was still forming and countries that have tried to sell cheap nfl jerseys made in china oil in other currencies or gold have tended to collapse or be invaded..

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UCSB Held to One Hit by Pair of Sacramento State Pitchers, March 18, 2018Dos Pueblos Finishes Third in Annual DP Invitational Volleyball Tournament, March 18, 2018Dos Pueblos Girls Lacrosse Places 2nd at Birmingham Bash, March 18, 2018San Marcos Beats Dos Pueblos for Consolation Title at Manlet Tournament, March 18, 2018Tough St. Bonaventure Batters Stifle Carpinteria Baseball, March 17, 2018Carpinteria Romps 19 0 After Dropping Opener of Doubleheader to Nipomo, March 17, 2018Beau Allen breaks three decade San Marcos Record in High Jump, March 17, 2018Carpinteria Loses to St. Bonaventure In Rain Shortened Contest, March 16, 2018Bishop Diego Varies Attack in 4 Set Win Against Laguna Blanca, March 16, 2018Dos Pueblos Leads Santa Barbara, 3 0, When Rain Stops Game, March 16, 2018.

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