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As predictable as spring following winter, it is equally predictable that when a federal election is called the Grits, when in a tight race, will always resort to their old and proven strategies. This election will not be contested on any of the obvious points of contention, but rather on the most inauspicious topics, the old hidden agenda chestnut that they have relied on to win elections for years. The Tories will reintroduce policies to restrict abortion, quash gay marriages and negatively impact other social issues, surely turning Canada into a quagmire not fit for man nor beast.

Memphis Made has a longstanding relationship with Goner Records. The brewery has been one of the sponsors and venues for the annual Gonerfest. The brewery has also brewed commemorative batches of beer for the festival before, such as last year’s GonerBrau cream ale.

cheap canada goose “We love Goner,” Ashby says. “We’re again sponsoring Gonerfest this year. We’re the sole beer sponsor.” Ashby added that he was excited to work more with the creative forces at Unapologetic and hopes to collaborate with the collective again in the future..

August long weekend awaits the White Rock Sea Festival celebration of the best our City By The Sea has to offer. For more than 6 decades, there is a three day summer tradition that’s been celebrated each year. Along the West Beach Promenade Live performances that are staged at various venues, a waterfront marketplace runs.

It’s not enough to eat 30 of the little carb bombs, it’s not enough to coat them in a knob of old fashioned butter, or even Mediterranean fancy olive oil now, we have to cover them in goose fat. Pure fat. The stuff we spend all year trying to shave off our bodies, that people get sucked out of their thighs via a tube, we are now funnelling into our bodies directly via our mouths, because otherwise the carb bombs aren’t fluffy, and we couldn’t slum it with an un flooffed up spud! We’re not peasants!How about Christmas puddings? They sometimes have two types of fat in them, two.

The flexible design adjusts in any direction for a custom lighting experience that is sure to illuminate any space with style and function. This energy efficient light utilizes LED technology that boasts a long lasting, 15,000 hour lifespan which means no need to replace light bulbs. LED bulbs are cooler to the touch than CFL and incandescent bulbs, making them ideal and safe to use in children’s bedrooms and playrooms. OFFENSIVE LINEMEN: F. Mike McGlinchey looked like a stiff for the third week in a row. He does not seem ready to play left tackle next season. (Privacy Policy)Index ExchangeThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)SovrnThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)Facebook AdsThis is an ad network.

canada goose factory sale He was banging on a piano in a way that I was never taught to do.” That evening was the catalyst that would lead Sung on a journey into the far reaches of the jazz universe. Whether leading her own combo or playing a supporting role in other artists’ groups, her playing leaps forward, propelled by her splashy phrasing and willingness to try anything, from lonesome ballads to fidgety bop and even Latin inspired tunes. Sung arrives in Portland with her longstanding quartet that includes the equally impressive saxophonist John Ellis and drummer Darrell Green.

Even if you just pick one issue that’s really important to you, do a bit of research and then vote based on that alone. We’re so lucky to live in marvellous Manitoba and we can all make it even better by getting involved in decisions made on Broadway. Thank you for hearing me out on this and also a big thanks to each and every candidate for running and wanting to make a difference..

Do you crave the feel and taste of dust? Get more information on this craving from other people who have it!If you can’t tell already, I really enjoy hubbing about traditional topics in a non traditional way. It’s fun, entertaining, informative and it is my hope that it will always bring a smile to your face. Now.

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