IMO it is a little bit of everything

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high quality replica handbags Just ask anyone who’s ever had to put up with a sore, itchy vagina and painful sex replica bags supplier at the hands of thrush. You’ll have plenty of people to quiz, considering thrush affects 3 replica bags korea in 4 replica bags online shopping women.While thrush also known as yeast infections and vaginal candidiasis can seem to appear out of nowhere, we know the infection is caused by an overgrowth of a yeast like fungus called candida albicans, which happens when the vagina’s healthy bacterial balance is disrupted.That can be caused by using scented replica kipling bags cleaning products, wearing tight clothing, wiping back to front, or sex (thrush isn’t a sexually transmitted disease, but you may find that penetrative sex disrupts vagina’s pH balance, leading to infection).We spoke replica bags joy to GP Dr Roger Henderson, speaking on behalf of thrush experts Canesten, who told us that we don’t need to worry too much about turning down oral if we’ve been down the pub.Think about it even if beer did have an impact on yeast when applied directly to the vagina, there would be such small amounts being transferred through oral that it’s highly unlikely to have an effect especially as by the time it’s served beer has left most of its yeast behind in the brewing process.Oral is risky, however, if your partner has oral thrush, as this can be passed on through replica Purse oral.’If they have oral thrush then there is a definite risk of them passing this on to you vaginally and you may then develop the symptoms of vaginal thrush shortly afterwards,’ Dr Henderson explains.In terms of drinking beer and downing bread yourself, it’s really not clear whether this has any impact on your likelihood to develop yeast infections. Again, there hasn’t been enough research into the area, but some people do report a reduction in yeast infection occurrence when they have a low yeast diet.What you choose to eat does have an impact on your vaginal health, but it won’t necessarily be bread and beer that’s the cause of any issues.Dr Henderson tells us: ‘Some people with chronic yeast infections do report that their symptoms appear to improve if they change to a low yeast diet.’A poor diet can also increase your risk of obesity and therefore yeast infections, as people who are very overweight have more skin folds that are warm and moist and so are prone to yeast infections there.’It’s also worth noting that alcohol of any kind including beer can weaken the immune system, which may make it trickier to banish thrush and other infections high quality replica handbags.

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