It’s a lot more affordable than most computers that won’t play

To bring a gun on campus because only law enforcement on active duty or those with special permission can do so.Davis Jr.Mount Pleasant is about a 285 mile (460 kilometer) drive from the family’s hometown of Plainfield, Illinois. The shooting occurred on a day when parents were arriving to pick up students at the university for the beginning of a weeklong spring break.Yeagley said witness statements and video indicate that at the time they were shot, Davis Jr.’s parents were in his fourth floor dorm at the campus’ Campbell Hall “simply packing up for spring break.”He said police had first come into contact with Davis Jr. On Thursday morning when he came running into a community police officer’s office in his dorm “very frightened” and “not making a lot of sense.””He said someone was out to hurt him, someone was going to harm him, and the officer calmed him down and tried to gain more information about what was going on.

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