More specifically, we wanted to find out who was eating the

Lombard’s ghost frequents the women’s restroom, as she died in a 1942 plane crash about five miles away from the bar. Sadly, her husband, Clark Gable, waited at the saloon for two days for news of her survival. Experience the chill of Pioneer’s phantom patrons yourself during one of the saloon’s “lockdowns,” staged between midnight and 4am..

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It’s often a different matter for people training with specific events or goals in mind, however. ‘Binge training’ is common here: you sign up for a marathon and then realise you only have 12 weeks to train. Suddenly, every spare minute is spent out running, which means your body goes from zero to hero pretty much instantly.

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10. AvocadosYou can’t beat sliced avocado on top of a fried egg or chicken tacos. And with the extra assistance of an egg slicer, your avocado slices will be much cleaner than cutting them by hand perfect for that Instagram worthy food photo. Never underestimate the value of good, restorative sleep. Our body does its best work when we check out for 7 or 8 hours; that’s when it recharges all of its systems, including rebuilding and fortifying muscles, bones, skin and drum roll please hair. When you’re sleep deprived, you make it harder for these things to occur..

There are countless ways for supporting a positive work/life balance; however, the key is to offer options. Employees have different needs, so allowing choices is the best way to support a diverse staff. Flexibility in scheduling is a major bonus for many employees.

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