People constantly forget how complicit the local populace was what eye problems look like

There’s honestly probably tons of stories like these from all over Germany after WW2, it’s one of the consequences of turning a blind eye to focus on the Cold War (or sometimes put another way, to “forgive” Germany rather than going for WW1 like punitive actions). People constantly forget how complicit the local populace was in supporting the Nazi regime. Sure, not every citizen in Dresden or Berlin was a hardline supporter who at all deserved their fate, but we gotta remember that the allure/danger of Fascism is how it turns the people into willing participants..

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But due process is important, regardless of initial reactions and judgement. Society today is too quick to label men guilty these days on simple accusations with no proof. And when the man is later proven innocent, there are no consequences to the accuser, but the man reputation is forever irreparably damaged.

Loves to target wide receivers, so Ford has some intriguing upside in Week 15. Alternatively, Allen Hurns also recorded five receptions for 68 yards on eight targets. There’s no way to predict which guy is going to be Miami’s top receiver moving forward, so both players are worth a pickup in deep leagues..

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